The most exciting non-surgical intervention for arthritis of the hip and knee as well as other joints.

What Are Stem Cells

  • A stem cell is the primary cell, or building block, that all cells that make up the tissues of the human body originate from.
  • Stem cells have the ability become and promote the formation of any of the specialized cells in the body, from cartilage, bone, muscle, nerves and blood vessels.
  • It is the ability of stem cells to promote new cartilage formation in joints damaged by arthritis that has generated the greatest interest.
  • When injected into an arthritic joint, stem cells have been shown to have the potential to induce the growth of new cartilage cells in areas of cartilage damage and cartilage loss.
  • Stems cells have also been shown to have the potential reparative effects on meniscal tears in the knee.
  • There are different sources of stem cells for injection and the effectiveness of the stem cells depends on the source of the stem cells.

At Medical City Hip & Knee Specialists Frisco, we use stem cells from the very best source, which has the highest yield of "true" stem cells. Our technique does not involve painful removal of blood from the bone marrow, which is the most common source of stem cells but has a very low yield of "true" stem cells

How Do Stem Cells Work

The majority of the effects stem cells are from stimulating effects of the stem cells relating to their 3,000 growth factors and not from the direct incorporation of the stem cells.

Am I a Candidate

A thorough history and examination, including X-rays, will be performed by Dr. Hopkins to decide if stem injection will benefit you in your particular case.