The team at Medical City Hip & Knee Specialists Frisco are focused primarily on preserving and restoring the natural hip and knee joint damage by arthritic conditions and avascular necrosis. Those techniques range from non-surgical options to surgical joint cartilage restoration and cartilage replacement procedures.

Non-Surgical Joint Preservation and Restoration Options

Surgical Joint Cartilage Restoration and Replacement Procedures

  • These procedures remove damaged cartilage and resurface and replace the damaged area with viable (living) cartilage cells.
  • Very exciting, cutting edge techniques once thought not possible.
  • Aim and goal is to preserve the natural joint by replacing damaged hip and knee joint cartilage with healthy living cartilage.
  • By preserving the natural joint, preserves natural joint function which is altered by artificial hip and knee joint replacement.
  • Avoid artificial metal-plastic joint replacement and its associated complications.
  • Allow return to running and sports activities which are not possible with artificial partial and total joint replacement.