The knee joint is a hinge joint and is the largest joint in the body. Your thigh bone, kneecap, and shin bone meet at this joint, and allow you to bend, lift, twist, and maneuver without pain. Knee joint anatomy is quite complex and for this reason, knee pain can be quite debilitating. Knee pain can affect your balance and stability and most importantly can ultimately affect your quality of life. Keeping your knee pain-free and fully flexible is the goal of our knee specialists at Medical City Hip & Knee Specialists.

Our medical team works one-on-one with patients to relieve hip pain from injury, arthritis, and other joint disorders. In addition to the many important internal structures, your knee joint also contains cartilage tissue that that provides the cushion of the joint and allows for smooth, pain free movement of the knee. Knee pain results if any of these knee joint components are damaged either due to injury or arthritis. Arthritis is the loss of the cartilage cushion that leads to hip pain and loss of normal function of the joint. Our knee specialist and joint surgeon, Dr. Eldon G. Hopkins, M.D., will evaluate you with a complete knee exam and X-rays to ensure the best care for all areas related to your hip pain.

We provide a variety of treatment options. Our goal is to have surgery be an option of last resort after all reasonable non-surgical treatment options have been tried and failed. Surgical options include, minimally invasive partial and total knee joint replacement surgery, joint preservation surgical options and revision total joint replacement for patients with failed, painful total knee replacements.

Knee Joint Injections

At Medical City Hip & Knee Specialists, we offer comprehensive non-surgical options including a complete option of knee joint injections, including Cortisone injections, Hyaluronic Acid (Gel cushion) injections, which are both aimed at pain relief, as well as joint preservation injections, including stem cell injections and platelet-rich plasma injections which are both aimed at not only pain relief but also at enhancing and preserving the natural joint's longevity.

Total Knee Replacement

When the cartilage cushion of the knee have been damaged or diseased beyond repair, you may need to undergo a total knee replacement. This procedure involves a resurfacing of the knee joint surfaces in which the patient's worn out joint surfaces are resurfaced with metal and plastic artificial prosthetic parts in order to restore the knee to normal, pain-free function.

The materials used to create the artificial prosthetic implant are metal and plastic, and each patient’s unique case will dictate which materials will be used. Additionally, total knee replacement may be performed using minimally invasive techniques.

Some of the Knee Replacement Options Available:

If you’ve had a full or partial knee replacement in the past that did not progress in the proper manner, you may be a candidate for a revision knee replacement. This process allows Dr. Hopkins to evaluate your knee pain and the current status of your existing knee replacement. He uses the latest imaging tools, then recommends the best possible revision procedure to correct your painful knee problems.