Your hip allows flexible movement in your legs, waist, and even your upper body. The hip is a ball and socket joint and a healthy hip moves with no pain or discomfort. Hip pain can affect your balance and stability and most importantly can ultimately affect your quality of life. Keeping your hip pain-free and fully flexible is the goal of our hip specialists at Medical City Hip & Knee Specialists. Our medical team works one-on-one with patients to relieve hip pain from injury, arthritis, and other joint disorders.

In addition to the important hip bones, your hip joint also contains cartilage tissue that that provides the cushion of the joint and allows for smooth, pain free movement of the hip. Arthritis is the loss of the cartilage cushion that leads to hip pain and loss of normal function of the joint. Finally, this area of the body is also supplied by a number of arteries and muscles that deliver energy and strength. Our hip specialist and joint surgeon, Dr. Eldon G. Hopkins, M.D., will evaluate you with a complete hip exam and X-rays to ensure the best care for all areas related to your hip pain.

Hip Joint Injections

For patients with hip pain and loss of function due to hip pain, hip joint injections provide an excellent non-surgical alternative to hip replacement surgery. Hip joint injections are performed under specialized X-ray equipment to localize the placement of the needle within the hip joint.

At Medical City Hip & Knee Specialists, we offer a comprehensive variety of hip joint injections, including Cortisone injections, which is aimed at pain relief, as well as joint preservation injections, including stem cell injections and platelet-rich plasma injections which are both aimed at not only pain relief but also at enhancing and preserving the natural joint's longevity.

Total Hip Replacement

A total hip replacement may be required for a variety of conditions, including those that are degenerative in nature. A total hip replacement is the process of replacing the hip joint with an artificial, or prosthetic, implant that acts in the same manner as the normal hip joint. Having a hip replaced is a surgical procedure, and using today’s advanced techniques, it can usually be carried out using minimally invasive hip replacement techniques.

Revision Hip Replacement

If you have had a hip replacement in the past that has not progressed properly or has become painful after initially functioning well, you may need a revision total hip replacement. At Medical City Hip & Knee specialists, Dr. Hopkins is very experienced in the evaluation of painful joint replacements and restoring painful joint replacements back to normal, pain free functioning where possible.

Evaluation involves a comprehensive in office evaluation and exam, including current X-rays, to determine the cause of pain. This procedure involves examining the previous work that was performed using the latest in imaging tools and procedures. Depending upon the situation, a revision hip replacement may be a very simple fix. An evaluation by our team will help to determine the appropriate treatment recommendations.