When it comes to your knees, flexibility is crucial. As a result, Medical City Hip & Knee Specialists, offers our knee patients expert knee replacement surgery that helps improve natural flexibility and increase durability after surgery. Your knees take a lot of pressure throughout your life, with prolonged use comes potential damage.

Indicators of arthritis or other forms of knee joint damage include:

  • Pain,
  • Stiffness,
  • Discomfort,
  • Audible popping and grinding sounds.

The orthopedic knee replacement experts at Medical City Hip & Knee Specialists are here to offer you thorough evaluations, pain relief options, and minimally invasive corrective solutions.

Our knee replacement procedures allow the knee to function under a variety of circumstances in order to offer maximum comfort and sustained strength. Using this method, our patients are able to walk, run, bend, lift, and complete other daily tasks with ease and completely without pain.

Our Knee Replacement Services